POSTED : June 2, 2015

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your company’s satisfaction surveys? Chances are you are less than satisfied, and you are not the only marketer with these qualms. To boot, it’s not just marketers that are frustrated with their company’s feedback process, it is also frustrating for the customers providing the feedback.

PK’s Customer Experience expert, Brian Clark, was recently interviewed by Pamela Hermann and Dr. Carrie Rose of Paragon Effect in their Customers for Life Podcast series. The key question posed: “Do customers really care about customer satisfaction surveys?” The short-answer: Yes. Today’s customers expect a more than satisfactory customer experience, and most are willing to provide feedback about their experience IF the feedback process is done well. However, the truth of the matter is that most companies do not perform this task well and customers have become cynical about providing feedback.

To avoid this, here are a few customer feedback best practices:

  1. Survey design:
    • Ensure the questions allow for constructive feedback to inform and improve the customer experience.
    • Don’t ask everything of the customer, stay focused on the objective of the survey and be brief (3-5 questions).
  2. Feedback loop:
    • Communicate to customers how their feedback will be used so they understand how they will help improve the customer experience.
    • Start a dialogue and start building trust with your customers. Think holistically about how this process can build customer loyalty over time.
    • Make sure to say thank you! A simple thank you can go a long ways.
  3. Survey incentive:
    • Companies don’t always need to provide a sweepstake or coupon for survey completions.
    • Customers will respond to authenticity and transparency about how this feedback improves the customer experience. Posting survey results, and any subsequent CX improvements, to your website or social media can be enough incentive and gratification.

Net-net: Ensure your company has a clearly defined survey objective. Ask questions that allow constructive feedback to inform and improve the customer experience, and be sure to incorporate a solid feedback loop for service recovery and to thank customers for their feedback. If you can accomplish this, you and your customers will be more than satisfied with the feedback process.

You can listen to the Customers For Life, Do Customers Really Care About Customer Satisfaction Surveys podcast here.

For more information on how to use customer feedback to improve the customer experience, download our article on The New Customer Experience Toolbox.

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