Customer Insights and Analytics

Now, more than ever before, it is easier to track customer behavior through both digital and traditional touch points.

This wealth of information about the customer, however, seldom translates into actionable insight. Too often, product, marketing and other functions are overwhelmed by metrics to measure, targets to hit and an endless routine of collection and processing.

Lenati is built on a foundation of customer-centricity: when you map the customer’s journey, observe their behaviors, and segment the market with an eye towards high value or potential, your data begins to tell a story that allows for insight and action.

Our Customer Insights and Analytics:

Customer Insights Strategy and Capabilities Assessment | Silos across marketing, product development and customer experience teams result in fragmented, duplicative research efforts. Lenati believes an honest audit reveals valuable starting points for a comprehensive research plan as well as organizational strengths that can be leveraged and extended.

Qualitative Brand, Customer and Experience Research | Qualitative research is easy to overlook in the age of big data and analytics. But for human-centered design and rapid innovation, ethnographic methodologies are as critical as ever, and have benefited from their own technological leaps. Lenati brings rigor, fundamental curiosity and a business strategist’s ear to uncover valuable insights.

Quantitative Design, Execution and Analysis | Quantitative research is being executed with increased frequency and at reduced costs as digital channels become the norm. Lenati’s quantitative design focuses on locating and moving against high value target segments, triangulating technographic, psychographic and behavioral variables.

Advanced Customer Segmentation | Segmentation is an exercise fit to purpose. Unfortunately, companies often compile competing segmentations and personas across departments, making a singular  enterprise-wide customer strategy difficult to achieve. Lenati’s customer segmentation focuses on identifying the best current and potential customers and getting clear on the messages, experiences and offerings that will resonate. To land the segmentation, Lenati acts as strategic advisors to executive leadership, not research analysts delivering a report.