How to Manage MarTech—Interview by Scott Brinker of Chiefmartec

Author: Liam O'Connor
9 / 12 / 2016

Over the past several months, Scott Brinker of Chiefmartec and Lenati collaborated on a qualitative research study of how senior marketers — executives from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises — strategically manage marketing technology in their organizations.

Senior Marketing Leaders from companies, such as Hilton, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, Tableau, and Dun & Bradstreet to learn:

  • How do they decide which MarTech bets to make?
  • As they make those bets, how do they maximize their value?
  • How do they recruit, hire, and nurture the right team?
  • How do they drive innovation and stay in front of what’s next?

Watch the interview and learn more from the full report, “Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset.”

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