Lenati Value Awards

2 / 16 / 2018


Gino participates in Lenati’s Foundations Training (Pictured Center)

At Lenati we value passion, inspiration, authenticity, innovation, and camaraderie. These ideals are something all Lenatians are encouraged to strive towards.  At the first company meeting of 2018 we presented five Lenatians with value awards, representing each of these values. Learn about these outstanding Lenatians who uphold these values and truly represent what it means to be a Lenatian:

Chris dresses up for Halloween (Pictured Center)

Consultant Gino Alberto received the spirit of passion award because of his commitment to Lenati and ability to think beyond the now. Gino has worked on a variety of projects focusing on high-tech software, entrepreneurship, and sales enablement. But beyond his day-to-day work, he has been committed to improving Lenati internally from recruiting and business enablement to workplace culture.

To be inspiring is to cause people to want to do or create something or lead better lives. Manager Chris Sullivan lives this out every day at Lenati, which is why he received the spirit of inspiration award. He is known for the positive attitude and humor he brings to everyday work along with his ability to stay cool under pressure. Anyone who works under Chris will tell you that having him as your leader will make even the most mundane tasks exciting and relevant.

Esther at the most recent Lenati Happy Hour (Pictured Left)

Senior Consultant Esther Edney always brings her most authentic and true self to her work. Though she came to us from down under, Esther has fit right in (and not just because she provides the Tim Tams). With her bright attitude and honesty, Esther brings her best self to work. She is unafraid to ask difficult questions and brings meaningful solutions to the table.

Digital Experience Manager Allison Forrester was presented with the spirit of innovation award. Driven by a life-long curiosity to understand why and how, Allison puts people at the center of everything she does. Innovation requires a willingness to challenge what is and imagine what could be, Allison does exactly this. At Lenati, you must be prepared to experiment, and potentially fail, Allison is always prepared to learn, take risks, and embrace curiosity and diversity.

Can you guess who Allison is dressed as for Halloween?

Erin and Mary brought this cake into the office to celebrate their year at Lenati.

Senior Consultant Erin Popelka and Manager Mary Fritz both started at Lenati in January of 2017 and have been two peas in a pod ever since. Because of this they were presented with the spirit of camaraderie award. Beyond their work at T-Mobile and Microsoft, they keep Lenati exciting by playing pranks on their fellow Lenatians and designing elaborate treats. They are an example of what it means to truly enjoy your colleagues, Mary and Erin are great ambassadors of the Lenati spirit.

We are proud of the talent and heart Gino, Chris, Esther, Allison, Mary, and Erin bring to Lenati. Thank you for being a part of our amazing team and truly embodying the spirit of passion, inspiration, authenticity, innovation, and camaraderie.

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