Mobile Optimized Website vs. Mobile Application – or Both?

Author: Lenati
9 / 24 / 2009

With all of the hype around mobile applications and the success of the iPhone Appstore,  we’ve had a number of our clients ask us how they should approach mobility.  What’s encouraging to me is that they know they need to engage current and potential customers when on-the-go,  but the challenge is, they aren’t sure how.  Should they build a mobile optimized website, a mobile application or both?  I have my ideas that I’ll outline below, but I’d also like to hear from you.  Please comment on this with your own theories and experiences.

The Lenati Blog is Live!

Author: Lenati
8 / 28 / 2009

We’ve finally entered the 21st century and are launching our blog.  Be on the lookout for our Points of View, valuable articles we’ve stumbled across, best practices, fun photos and our observations on how to build connections with your customers and improve their experience.   We’ll start in earnest next week so please come back to participate.  […]