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Marco. Polo. Using Predictive Analytics and Marketing Automation to “Catch” Prospects.

Author: Carrie Holmes
7 / 17 / 2015

Remember playing Marco Polo in the swimming pool? If you were “it” you had to close your eyes and call out “Marco.” Everyone else had to reply “Polo” making it easier for you to try to catch them.  Being “it” was frustrating.  You couldn’t see where the others were and in the end, making a […]

The Case for B2B Customer Experience

Author: Brian Clark
7 / 6 / 2015
Customer Experience B2B Forrester Lenati Report

Lenati’s own Martin Mehalchin, Paul Conder and Brian Clark recently had the opportunity to contribute to a Forrester B2B Customer Experience Report, How B2B Companies Make The Case For Customer Experience, published by Forrester Analysts Deanna Laufer and Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian. In the article, Laufer and Schmidt-Subramanian discuss successful business cases from B2B Customer Experience executives […]

A Modern Sales Process for Sales Teams in a Customer-Driven Economy

Author: Dailah Lester
6 / 23 / 2015

There is no secret that having a well-defined sales process will enable you to accelerate your sales cycle. However, what we often find is that most sales processes are developed with little consideration in regards to how customers buy. This is a problem. Sales teams and sales processes are too far removed from the actual customer […]

You’ve Got a Content Marketing Strategy. So What’s Your Plan To Build Content With Purpose?

Author: Carrie Holmes
5 / 27 / 2015

Earlier we talked about a shocking statistic from Marketing Profs 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks indicating that although 83% of Marketers have a content marketing strategy, only 35% have documented it. To me, that’s like wanting to build a house without the blueprint.  You might be able to build something that sort of looks like a […]

Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Insight Exchange 2015 Recap

Author: Brian Clark
5 / 11 / 2015

The recent Customer Experience Professionals Association Insight Exchange in San Diego was a great forum of CX professionals sharing ideas and discussing trends that are shaping customer experience today. The continuing growth of the CXPA’s membership over the last 5 years speaks to the ever increasing importance of CX across all industries and markets. Despite […]

Getting Your B2B Net Promoter Score Program on the Right Track

Author: Brian Clark
5 / 1 / 2015

Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs can be powerful tools for B2B firms to drive customer loyalty, growth, and profitability. Research shows improved NPS performance for B2B firms correlates strongly with sales growth, improved client retention, higher profitability, and improved employee engagement.1 Even with evidence to support the value, many B2B executives still balk at implementing […]

You Can’t Rush a Business to the Altar. The 3 Stages of a Long-Term B2B Relationship.

Author: Carrie Holmes
3 / 25 / 2015
Lead gen and sales for B2B

In B2B marketing, content is the currency for customer data “value exchange.” With increased focus on privacy in recent years, the stakes have gotten higher with soaring expectations for what content is worthy of trading precious personally identifiable information (PII). Unlike the consumer purchase cycle, there is no rush to the purchase altar with a […]

B2C Loyalty in a B2B World? Yes.

Author: Gina Cuff
3 / 20 / 2015

Lenati’s own Kris Klein and Clay Walton-House recently had the opportunity to contribute to a Forrester B2B Loyalty Marketing Report, B2B Loyalty, The B2C Way, published by Forrester analyst Emily Collins. In the article, Collins conveys the applicability of B2C marketing strategy in a B2B environment. All customers, whether business or consumer, want to feel […]