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Content2Conversion’s Conference: Back to the Future for B2B Content Marketing

Author: Liam O'Connor
3 / 9 / 2015
Content_Marketing_Back to the future

The recent Content2Conversion Conference hosted by Demand Gen Report in Scottsdale, AZ delivered a great forum on the intersection of strategic demand generation and content marketing for B2B marketers. But amid the flurry of trends and insights, an interesting theme emerged: have we gone overboard on content marketing? B2B marketers have been revving up the […]

Content Marketing: It’s Not All About You

Author: Carrie Holmes
2 / 16 / 2015

Most B2B marketers already engage in some form of content marketing. Depending on what research you’ve read, it’s anywhere from 80 – 90% of marketers are using content to drive leads. They post to blogs, Tweet, build case studies, videos, ebooks, digital guides, infographics, and even whitepapers. Creating content is not the issue. What it […]