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Q&A: Driving a Top-Down Plan for Customer Centricity

Author: COLLOQUY Staff
1 / 26 / 2017
plan for customer-centricity - lenati

An interview with Clay Walton-House, Customer Retention and Loyalty Lead Originally published on Many organizations have tackled customer centricity with varying degrees of success. To effectively establish an enterprise-wide customer-centric mindset, change management is the key: focusing not on the content of the change, but the change itself. As a principal at Lenati, Clay […]

Is Customer Loyalty Overrated?

Author: Guest Contributor, Jim Tierney
1 / 23 / 2017
Is Customer Loyalty Overrated? Harvard Business Review and Lenati response

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the title says that “Customer Loyalty Is Overrated.” “The death of sustainable competitive advantage has been greatly exaggerated,” the article asserts. “Competitive advantage is as sustainable as it has always been. What is different today is that in a world of infinite communication and innovation, many […]

Can Whole Foods Attain Greater Differentiation Through Customer Loyalty?

Author: Guest Contributor, Jim Tierney
11 / 9 / 2016
Whole foods loyalty rewards program - Lenati

When Whole Foods launched a customer loyalty program pilot in the greater Philadelphia market in February 2015, Clay Walton-House, Principal and Lead of Lenati’s Customer Retention & Loyalty Practice, didn’t think it appeared too differentiated from other grocery rewards programs. “Customers earn one point per dollar spent, and will receive offers and rewards based on their purchase patterns—hardly […]

A Holistic Approach to Customer Measurement

Author: Evelyn Bozak
6 / 12 / 2015
customer-lifetime-value- Lenati

Lenati’s Clay Walton-House recently published the third article in a year-long series with Loyalty360 focused on an integrated approach to loyalty strategies. His article, “Integrated Loyalty: Holistically Measuring Customer Health” explains the shifts and requirements businesses must take to accurately track customer behavior, and ultimately, be able to extract business value from customer relationships. But first […]

Lenati Speaking at Loyalty Expo: Building an Enterprise Customer Loyalty Strategy

Author: Gina Cuff
4 / 24 / 2015
Loyalty Expo Enterprise customer loyalty

Planning to attend Loyalty 360’s Loyalty Expo next week in Orlando? Be sure to check out Lenati’s workshop, Building an Enterprise Loyalty Strategy: Methods, Tools, & Best-Practices. Our own Kris Klein and Clay Walton-House have been asked to share their expertise in how to manage end-to-end customer experience to foster loyalty. In this workshop, you’ll […]