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Getting the Most out of Your Content Marketing Budget

Author: Christy Kelly
6 / 8 / 2016

According to a recent research study conducted at Lenati, 92% of marketers note that even with content marketing growing in priority with senior leadership teams, it still only accounts for less than ¼ of their total marketing budget. As pressures rise to outperform growth metrics year over year, content marketers will have to become proactive […]

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the right KPIs – Part 3

Author: Christy Kelly
3 / 23 / 2016

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the right KPIs – Part 3 Measuring content marketing effectiveness is a growing priority for many organizations as they try to justify increases in content marketing spend. With only 30% of marketers claiming their programs are effective, marketers need to ensure they are choosing KPIs that will align teams around […]

The Economics of Content Marketing: ‘Stock and Flow’

Author: Chris Sullivan
7 / 30 / 2015

Five years ago, Robin Sloan wrote a blog post for Snarkmarket exploring the economic terms “Stock” and “Flow” within a modern marketing context. For those who didn’t suffer through an economics degree, imagine stock as your bank account balance and flow as your weekly wage. The concepts are clearly related, but distinctly different – a […]