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Why Ad Blockers Are Good for Advertisers

Author: Loren Bors
5 / 19 / 2016

Video ads, mobile ads, retargeting… the complexity and variety of online advertising boggles the mind. Until the mind downloads a simple, often free ad blocker and shuts off the videos, cuts out the sound, kills the flash animation and quiets the screen. Nothing between the reader and their listsicle. According to a study published this […]

5 Things the New Google Audience 360 DMP Must Do to Be Successful

Author: Loren Bors
4 / 13 / 2016

Google Announces New Analytics 360 Platform   Google just rolled out a key addition to its marketing suite, Analytics 360, to compete with industry incumbents Oracle and Adobe Audience Manager. In many ways, Google is the ideal company to maintain such technology because it already knows so much information about its users. Worldwide, Google responds […]