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Macy’s Needs to Address Relevancy to Ignite Brand Loyalty

Author: Guest Contributor, Jim Tierney
1 / 9 / 2017

Sinking sales and profits, plunging net income and same-store sales, and evolving customer shopping preferences and patterns have, unfortunately, shadowed venerable retailer Macy’s during the past couple of years. This week company officials announced a series of actions to streamline its store portfolio, intensify cost efficiency efforts, and execute its real estate strategy (including the […]

The Customer Loyalty Battle: Online Travel Agencies vs. Hospitality and Airline Direct

Author: Evelyn Bozak
6 / 18 / 2015

With the news earlier this year that Expedia purchased Orbitz coupled with Priceline’s plans to acquire Rocketmiles, online travel agencies (OTAs) are shrinking and changing overnight. Because we work with many clients in hospitality and travel industries, we have to keep a close eye. These abrupt market changes and acquisitions cause confusion, not only for […]

Ease, Simplicity, and Speed: The New Loyalty Paradigm in the Palm of Our Hands

Author: Gina Cuff
4 / 25 / 2015
customer loyalty and retention strategy

Lenati’s Clay Walton-House recently published the second article in a year-long series with Loyalty360 focused on an integrated approach to loyalty strategies. His article, “Integrated Loyalty: The New Paradigms of Ease, Simplicity, Speed,” highlights the shifts that have occurred in consumer expectations leading to these new paradigms, as well as examples of companies who best […]

Lenati Speaking at Loyalty Expo: Building an Enterprise Customer Loyalty Strategy

Author: Gina Cuff
4 / 24 / 2015
Loyalty Expo Enterprise customer loyalty

Planning to attend Loyalty 360’s Loyalty Expo next week in Orlando? Be sure to check out Lenati’s workshop, Building an Enterprise Loyalty Strategy: Methods, Tools, & Best-Practices. Our own Kris Klein and Clay Walton-House have been asked to share their expertise in how to manage end-to-end customer experience to foster loyalty. In this workshop, you’ll […]

Infographic: Customer Rewards Program Earn Models

Author: Clay Walton-House
2 / 4 / 2015

Customer rewards programs remain an important tactic in many loyalty marketers’ playbooks. However, the prevalence of these programs coupled with what is often a limited value proposition for customers, has led to increased consumer skepticism. For rewards programs to be successful in achieving desired customer behavior and loyalty, marketers must not be hasty in designing […]

Lenati’s Paul Conder leading workshop on Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty

Author: Lenati
11 / 11 / 2014

Paul Conder’s workshop on “The CX Loyalty Connection” at the Engagement & Experience Expo in Dallas has sparked conversation regarding customer experience and customer loyalty: “Larger companies, those ‘built for speed,’ like larger retailers, healthcare and travel brands, often have the most challenges integrating customer experience with loyalty, explained Conder, because CX and loyalty initiatives […]

Designing the Right Rewards Program for High-Tech Companies

Author: Katie Collier
7 / 15 / 2014

This blog is the fourth in a four-part series related to the Lenati whitepaper titled “Designing the Right Rewards Program for Your Business.” This particular post focuses on the high-tech industry and key considerations for loyalty marketers managing an existing rewards program, or building a new rewards program.  Other posts in this series cover Insurance, Banking, and Retail industries.