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Marketing Technology—A Strategic Approach to Drive Business Value

Author: Luke Goodrich
1 / 31 / 2017
MarTech Strategy

Each day, technology makes more impact in more areas of our lives—marketing is no different. Marketing technology (MarTech) allows companies to better understand and talk with their customers. Furthermore, it enables new customer experiences that marketers couldn’t have fathomed just few years ago. As much as technology is changing the world, it is also forcing […]

Winning with MarTech: How Leading Marketing Executives Are Getting Strategic with their MarTech Stacks

Author: Liam O'Connor
8 / 15 / 2016
MarTech Strategy

Marketing technology is growing at an unstoppable pace.  The latest Marketing Technology Landscape boasts over 3,800 vendors, and MarTech budgets are now surpassing advertising spend. According to Scott Brinker of ChiefMartec, this rapid growth over the past several years will only accelerate: “The only prediction we can be absolutely certain of is this: Things will […]

5 Ways Startups Can Use Consultants Well: Part 2

Author: Loren Bors
6 / 28 / 2016

Using their Deliverables   Intro: More than just a few good conversations and a slide deck Consultants can get a bad reputation for good reason. Not everything we do is truly necessary or important, not every prediction we make comes true and not every binder or thumb drive we give you will get used again. […]

5 Ways Startups Can Use Consultants Well: Part 1

Author: Loren Bors
6 / 22 / 2016

Working With Consultants   Not just for the big fish Startups are revered in our culture. They’re the middle finger to large corporations who can’t keep up with the times or who blow off customers because they’ve secured some near-monopoly on a product or service. Large corporations are incremental, bureaucratic, regressive and litigious. And even […]

If Your Posts are Outdated Your Traffic Will Suffer

Author: Pam Spier
6 / 2 / 2016

The Importance of Keeping Your Links Refreshed for SEO   We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You want to be so relevant to a search that you show up on the 1st page of search results.  I bet your company is great at it – your metadata is flawless and you […]

Why Ad Blockers Are Good for Advertisers

Author: Loren Bors
5 / 19 / 2016

Video ads, mobile ads, retargeting… the complexity and variety of online advertising boggles the mind. Until the mind downloads a simple, often free ad blocker and shuts off the videos, cuts out the sound, kills the flash animation and quiets the screen. Nothing between the reader and their listsicle. According to a study published this […]

4 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Prince

Author: Christy Kelly
4 / 26 / 2016

In Recent Tragedy of Prince’s Death, There Are 4 Lessons in Marketing We Can Learn From His Legacy    Last week we lost a legend, one that transcended categories, and capture the attention and hearts of millions. Multiple generations put their differences aside to mourn the passing of one Prince Rogers Nelson, and share their stories and insights […]

5 Things the New Google Audience 360 DMP Must Do to Be Successful

Author: Loren Bors
4 / 13 / 2016

Google Announces New Analytics 360 Platform   Google just rolled out a key addition to its marketing suite, Analytics 360, to compete with industry incumbents Oracle and Adobe Audience Manager. In many ways, Google is the ideal company to maintain such technology because it already knows so much information about its users. Worldwide, Google responds […]

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the right KPIs – Part 3

Author: Christy Kelly
3 / 23 / 2016

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the right KPIs – Part 3 Measuring content marketing effectiveness is a growing priority for many organizations as they try to justify increases in content marketing spend. With only 30% of marketers claiming their programs are effective, marketers need to ensure they are choosing KPIs that will align teams around […]

Recipe for Success: The 3 ingredients your content strategy must have

Author: Chris Sullivan
3 / 1 / 2016

Recipe for Success: The 3 ingredients your content strategy must have Imagine a company potluck. The table is packed end-to-end with the fruits of your colleagues’ labor – oh, Martha’s red velvet cake! Leon made his chili again! A bounty awaits, and surely nothing can go wrong. But, come to think of it, that salmon […]