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The Modern Marketing Reality – Marketing Starts with a Quota [Infographic]

Author: Carrie Holmes
11 / 30 / 2015

A few weeks ago we talked about the Death of the Sales Funnel with buyers calling the shots for how, where and when they want to talk to sales. The flip side of the coin is the transformation of marketing and their role in the buyer journey.  Now Marketing owns a quota to bring the […]

You’ve Got a Content Marketing Strategy. So What’s Your Plan To Build Content With Purpose?

Author: Carrie Holmes
5 / 27 / 2015

Earlier we talked about a shocking statistic from Marketing Profs 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks indicating that although 83% of Marketers have a content marketing strategy, only 35% have documented it. To me, that’s like wanting to build a house without the blueprint.  You might be able to build something that sort of looks like a […]