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Sales Leaders Series: How Sales Teams Achieve Continuous Growth and Success

Author: Fergal Glynn
7 / 15 / 2016 has recently conducting a series of interviews with sales leaders from some of the world’s largest and most influential sales organizations. This interview with Dailah Lester, Sales Performance Practice Manager at Lenati, is the third in the series, offering sales tips and strategies from Lester about the processes and strategies Lenati uses to get results, goals for the […]

7 Steps to Successfully Implement Sales Enablement Tools

Author: Dailah Lester
6 / 15 / 2016

Highspot recently published reports from three leading analyst firms listing 52 companies with sales enablement technologies. Clearly, sales enablement capabilities are top of mind for many companies these days. Marketing & sales organizations are pouring more money than ever into these types of capabilities, so how do you ensure you achieve an ROI reach the […]

Why Your Sales Initiative Won’t Work

Author: Jared Dodson
3 / 3 / 2016

Sales organizations have been trying to ‘crack the sales code’ ever since selling became a profession. Every few years someone comes up with a new sales methodology that claims to hold the secret sauce that will significantly increase sales growth and catapult companies to new successes. Recently there has been an explosion of sales enablement […]

Key Success Factors for Implementing Sales Enablement

Author: Dailah Lester
2 / 23 / 2016
Data and Analytics

Enabling sellers to be more efficient and impactful is difficult. Technology is one aspect of sales enablement that is helping companies increase productivity. The challenge is identifying the technology vendor that will provide the performance improvements for your business and will be easy to deploy. In a recent webinar hosted by Smart Selling Tools—Jen Winter, […]

Re-tuning the B2B Sales Role for 2016 and Beyond

Author: Dailah Lester
1 / 5 / 2016

Buyers today are informed, digitally savvy and squarely in the driver’s seat in terms of how and when they want to talk to sales. As we illustrated in The Death of the Sales Funnel Infographic, the game has changed.  If sellers want to remain in the running, they need to adjust their approach to the […]