Customer Journey Mapping: 5 Steps to Improving Sales and Brand Loyalty in an Omnichannel Environment

Making connections with customers in this complex world is a challenge marketers face on a daily basis. With the invention of new technologies and devices the multi-channel approach has grown out dated in favor of an omni-channel approach. With the increase in channel options, touchpoints and ways to interact with your products and your brand, customer’s paths to purchase are not often linear. Understanding your customers experience and in particular, their journey with your product, can prove to provide clarity for how you can solve business problems such as driving a purchase or repeat purchase.

In a world where channel options, shifting media habits, product and service information, product SKUs, social media influence and search tools are all proliferating at a staggering rate, understanding your customer has become more important than ever.

Download this presentation to learn more about:

  • Prioritizing investment in developing loyalty and customer base
  • Streamlining the purchase process by understanding customer pathing
  • Visualizing a common direction for internal product teams
  • Aligning marketing tactics to targeted points in the customer journey

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