The End of the Unsubscribe

How leading subscription services use digital engagement to keep their customers happy and renewing

Consumer subscription services are big business. Whether a curated service, a monthly replenishment or a premium access model, consumers are more willing than ever to pay a monthly fee for convenience and personalized experience. Subscription services provide companies predictable revenue each month, and brands both big and small can offer these services – even those that may not have considered it a decade ago.

Brands jumping into the world of subscription services often make the mistake of funneling a majority of their budget into customer acquisition, which can be costly and ultimately ineffective. If customers aren’t being retained and cared for long term, they’ll leave – nulling the effect of new subscribers.

In this white paper we outline how to navigate the challenges of starting a subscription service, including:

  • Brands that do it right, and what they’ll need in the future to retain their customers
  • The importance of balancing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Common roadblocks related to data analysis, product infrastructure, and organizational alignment
  • How to design a digital engagement strategy for your brand and subscription service

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Published: July 23rd, 2019


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