Customer Insights and Analytics

We exist in a world filled with information. Businesses have gone from having no data to spreadsheets to real-time cloud servers. The best companies understand that there is real value in data, and figured out how to extract and interpret it. Others have become overwhelmed with the data, paralyzed by the difficulty in using it to make practical business decisions. Companies that succeed in this environment understand that data doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it needs to be interpreted by people who understand the context of the business problem and have knowledge of human behavior.

At Lenati, we help companies—from across industries—with research and data. We translate it to informed and smart business decisions. Our objective isn’t to just deliver you insights and analytics—it’s to use these methods as tools to help you achieve your business goal.

Our Customer Insights and Analytics Services include:

Predictive Modeling and Advanced Customer Segmentation  | Companies need to know who their customers are, and how they behave. We use statistical and machine learning techniques to group similar customers together to predict their activity, and determine which of the customers will be the most valuable.

Measurement Strategy and Development  | Choosing how you measure your customers is critical for any marketing and sales effort—choose the wrong metrics and you’ll miss valuable insights. We help you understand how your customers are changing in a way that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed with information. We help build the dashboards and reports on these metrics, so you can see the data as quickly as you need it.

Customer Personalization Using Data | Customers expect personalized experiences. To do personalization well, you need to understand which channels, touchpoints, and formats work best for each person. We provide insights to ensure highest value from each marketing touchpoint.

Qualitative Brand, Customer, and Experience Research | Qualitative research is easy to overlook in the age of big data and analytics.  But for customer-centered design, asking the right questions to understand the “why” is as critical as ever. Lenati brings rigor along with a capability to design studies that are simple and effective at producing results.

Quantitative Design, Execution, and Analysis | Quantitative research is being executed with increased frequency, but customers are becoming overwhelmed and exhausted by surveys—which makes them less likely to provide helpful responses. Lenati’s quantitative design focuses on asking the right questions in the right way, to help understand the magnitude of the response without losing the key insights.