Customer Experience

There’s little dispute that a positive customer experience leads to increased customer loyalty and long-term profitability. In response, businesses are shifting to a customer-centric approach—differentiating through innovation in customer experience.

We help the world’s best-known brands deepen their connection with millions of customers around the globe. Our proprietary research tools enhance your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to enable a deeper understanding of your market and customers. Our design approach takes a holistic view across all channels to help you identify new ways to align around your customer. Our implementation and management expertise helps you ensure that your CX program endures and drives business results.

Our Customer Experience (CX) Services include:

Market Insights and CX Data | From global market trends to individual customer patterns, having a deep understanding of customer motivations is integral to customer experience. Our proprietary ethnographic and digital research tools integrate with your in-house data to bring the Voice of the Customer (VoC) into clear focus.

Customer Journey Mapping | Mapping the patterns of your customers across all channels quickly reveals opportunities to make a stronger connection with them. We help document and visualize the journey of your customers across all channels throughout their lifecycle.

Omnichannel Customer Experience Design | Design every touch-point and service—digital and physical—to foster a meaningful and cohesive experience for your customer and drive business results. We help by leveraging customer intelligence and sales data to test and validate a seamless design across all channels.

Customer Experience Management | Your CX designs won’t endure unless you have the governance, process, and tools in place to make them stick. We will help you establish a governance model, design processes to close the loop with both detractors and advocates, and help you pick a platform to manage your entire experience.

Business to Business Customer Experience Strategy | B2B CX often presents its own unique challenges. B2B customer expectations and the best practices to meet them are changing rapidly. We draw on emerging approaches—like the customer success movement—to help clients design aligned experiences across the lifecycle of sales, implementation, and usage.