Go-to-Market Strategy

Market success can be determined by a number of factors, including the market opportunity, competition, customer needs, technology and innovation.

Lenati understands that a go-to-market (GTM) strategy and an execution plan need to be developed hand in hand. A good strategy without an eye toward execution will lead to questionable sales. A marketing and sales plan not tied to a strategy leads to an unfocused and ineffective execution.

Our Go-to-Market Services include:

Product Launch and Product Planning Successful product launches are either a great deal of luck or are driven by a thoughtful, customer-centric GTM strategy. Lenati connects key customer insights with a compelling launch strategy and execution plan across product, marketing and sales.

Shifting to the Cloud Often the success or failure of a cloud-based alternative has less to do with compelling product features and more to do with how successfully companies can adapt their business, marketing and sales models. Lenati helps companies make the shift to the cloud across their entire business, with a particular emphasis on the impact to sales and marketing.

U.S. Market Entry | The U.S. market is highly sought after, given the size of the opportunity. Success or failure is largely dependent on capacity and saturation of the market and a compelling value proposition. Lenati helps companies develop an entry strategy based on revenue and/or growth opportunities given customer buying habits.

Customer Growth Strategy | Sometimes companies find that sales are lagging or customer engagement is lower than anticipated. Lenati helps identify why products or services are stagnating and works with companies to develop new growth strategies.

Adapting to Changing Buyers | In today’s dynamic marketplace, buyers and buyer behavior are constantly changing. Whether targeting millennials for the first time or trying to influence business decision makers instead of a technical audience, sales and marketing needs to hold hands and adapt. Lenati helps companies shift to a buyer-centric organization while aligning marketing and sales functions to the new customer.