The Art and Science of Customer Experience

A collection of articles from
Lenati’s Customer Experience (CX) Practice

By Paul Conder and Kris Klein
With contributions from Lenati’s Customer Experience Team

At Lenati, we help businesses grow by building compelling experiences for their customers. The Art and Science of Customer Experience  features a compilation of the best articles from our Customer Experience Practice, including:

1. What’s an Experience Worth? Building a Business Case for CX Design.

2. Ten Key CX Principles. Building a Customer-Centric Business.

3. The Art and Science of Engineering Customer Experiences. Design Thinking and CX.

4. The New CX Toolbox. Six CX Research Toolsets.

5. Let’s Get Phygital. Connecting with Customers in an Omnichannel Universe

6. B2B CX. Understanding the Commecial Customer’s Experience

7. The CX/Loyalty Connection. Human-Centered Marketing.

About Lenati: We are a marketing and sales strategy consultancy that helps companies acquire, grow, and retain customers. Our clients come to us to build market leadership, whether through radical innovation or intelligent evolution. Learn more about our Customer Experience Services.

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